Wednesday 28 January 2015

Story Story- Hallucination

   "Come on kids; Hurry up!" shouted Mrs. Bones at her three children.
The Bones' house was very busy that Sunday morning. The entire family was going on a picnic. Everyone in the house was busy except for eleven year old Alice.
"Alice would you stop reading those make-believe story books and pack your stuffs?"asked the grandmother.
Alice took off her glasses and in a polite way, she told her grandmother "Thanks for being concerned but I am finish packed. Can you please leave me in peace now?"
"As you wish, my dear" replied her grandmother.
The entire family hurried out of the house with all their belongings. They drove south to the national park as their destination.

   In the dark blue family van was Alice's parents, her grandparents, her big brother and her big sister. The Bone's family dog- Tiger was also in the van.
Half way in their destination the van stopped abruptly. "What's wrong?" asked Alice.
"I don't know! Let me check..." replied Alice's father.
"Let me give you a hand." said the grandfather.
Minutes passed which seem like hours to Alice, then finally father came and said "I don't know what's the problem, we have to call the mechanic. Okay" with that he went forward with the calling. Then Alice mother turn around from the passenger seat and said "Well kids, you can go for a walk in the meantime."
"Walk where? All around is forest which look very creepy!" replied the grandmother.
Alice ignored her grandmother and went for a walk in the dark, spooky forest. "Careful my dear!" said Alice mother in a singing voice. Alice heard a bark, when she turned around she saw Tiger. "Let's go boy." she called.

   Alice felt something was drawing or pulling her into the forest further and further. She found herself in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the trees parted and there stood the little girl in ragged clothes and a broken doll in her hand.
"What the ..." Alice said surprisingly. Then little by little the light around the girl begun to fade.
"Wait! Don't go! Who are you? What do you want?" shouted Alice as she ran in the direction of the unknown girl.
As Alice ran, the trees reconnected and Alice tripped and fell. She was awaken by a dog barked and wet slime on her face. It was Tiger, their family dog, who was licking her face in the dark forest.
   "What a strange encounter!" She said as she stumbled to get on her feet.

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