Friday 9 January 2015

Short Story- HOPE

When I least expected, it happened. Several shots were fired at me from a passing car. I mingled with broken glass on the floor. What happened next? ...

   I felt my left leg numbed like it wasn't there but as I looked at it, blood streamed from it. I tired to move my left hand to stop the blood, but it couldn't move. Something sharp and hard was nudging at it; I turned to looked at my hand and it was as painful as it felt; broken glass scraped and cut through my hand and got stuck into it. My entire body felt weak and lifeless. I tired to recapped what had happened but I was too much in pain to even think. I saw my cellphone on the road or so it seem, my vision started to get blurred. I quickly reached out and grabbed the phone and speed-dialed my mother's phone number. 
"Hello dear," I heard my mom voice on the other end of the line. Her voice was so soft and sweet and I felt that this was the last time I will hear it. I closed my eyes, felt a tear ran down my cheek, and said to my mother "Mom, I love you."
   I was awaken by an annoying beeping sound; I tried to open my mouth to tell that sound to 'Shut Up!' but something was covering my mouth. I opened my eyes slowly, everything looked blurred at first but with the help of a couple winks, my vision got better. As soon as I saw the white walls and health machines all around my surrounding, I knew that I was in a hospital room. "Jasmine, my dear" I heard a soft voice calling. It sounded like the same sweet and soft voice I was dreaming about. I turned to my right only to see my beautiful mother with her friendly smile and tears in her eyes. "Mom..." I wanted to say, but that stupid thing is still covering my mouth. My mother continued saying "Oh dear, how are you? Are you feeling better?" The door swing open and doctor Taylor begun speaking "Hello Jasmine, well you are looking way better than before. You suffer a very serious head injury and lost a lot of blood. Your hand will heal in due time but ...your foot, the bullet was really in there and it will take a very long time for you to be back on your feet again. I'm sorry" he paused. "I bet you want to know how you reached here?" he asked. Indeed I wanted to know. I nodded. "Well some drunk teenage boys stole a police's gun and was 'showing off' by firing it just to get attention. You were one of the injured citizens who witnessed the scene. But the good news is, the boys were caught and send to jail and most of our injured citizens are getting better."
My mother held my hand and kissed it; with that I closed my eyes and hope for the best.

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