Friday 9 January 2015

Short Story- A Black Woman Dream

   I could not believe my ears. The announcer had called my name! I had won the $100000 prize.
My mouth fell open, my hand flew to my head, my feet begun to jump up and down, my dreams was going to be fulfilled. "Come on down to collect your huge cheque Becky; Owner of $100000.", the jolly announcer said as I made my way to the bright and colourful stage, decorated with the company's signs "Decor lottery co.", all over the stage.
 "Thank you, thank you.", I said over and over as I held the cheque with my name on it and $100000 written on it. I didn't exactly knew how I won, but I won. 'Now my dreams can come through. I can now divorce my drunkard, lazy husband and get a new home for my eight children.', that was my thought as I held and waved my huge cheque all around the stage. I stood on the decorated stage with my old and half torn clothes. 'Don't get me wrong, my clothes was torn because of all the house chores I had to do and with maintaining and controlling eight children, it is not easy.' Thoughts and ideas were going through my mind like water falling from the sky. "I will buy myself some new and nice clothes, some nice high heels and a new car for me and some nice clothes for all my children.", all this I continued to think as I stood on that stage.
"What more!? , What more!? $100000... What a black woman like me with eight children and a lazy husband gonna do with $100000! What!", I exclaimed as I was now dancing on the stage.
   "Yo, lady! stop sleep and come and make me a cup of black tea deh!", I heard my annoying husband's voice shattering my lottery dream. I slowly opened my eyes and held my lottery ticket and said,"Oh gaud, let me win!"


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