Monday 5 January 2015

Short Story- His Little Cowgirl

Blue Jeans looking over the hills
     Once upon a time, far away, somewhere in the west; hidden behind the wide, green hills  a friendly village called Miscour. In that village, there lived a little girl named Emily. Emily had golden, curly hair that hung on her shoulder, her cheeks were always pink in colour and she had the most beautiful  clothes anyone back then could imagine. Emily had wonderful memories with her family members and friends. She had one passion which burn deep down in her heart and that was "riding" her favourite horse "Blue Jeans".
    Mr.Willison, Emily's father, was a businessman in the village. Mr.Willison bought Blue Jeans on Emily's first birthday, for he himself loved horses. He would tell his friends that he loves his little cowgirl more than himself. Every weekend Emily and her father goes riding as a leisure and fun time. Emily loved her father and her horse so much but she always thinks of her mother. 
   Emily's mother was Mia Willison, a horse trainer in their village. Mia died when giving birth to Emily but never-the-less, life for Emily wasn't that bad. Emily will one day become a horse trainer, just like her beloved mother. Emily's beauty was envied but loved all across the small village.
   Years went by which only seemed like yesterday to Mr.Willison when his little cowgirl grew up. Her passion came to life when she became the champion of the horse race in 1781. As Emily held her trophy and kissed it she whispered,"For you my mother".

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