Saturday 3 January 2015

Short Story- His Cowgirl Bride

   There Jack stood staring at the beautiful girl riding her lovely white horse. Her long, beautiful, blond hair and her gorgeous blue eyes telling so much excitement and feelings. Her outfit fitted her body so perfect. Her boots was brown in colour, her jean's blue, her stripe red and white jersey so perfect on her. And most lovely of all, her white cowgirl hat with red rubies on it. Indeed she was beautiful. 
   "Get back to work, you worthless boy! Come on Jack you don't have all day to clean that stable." shouted Jack's mother, who was the cook and maid of the Jordan's family. Jack quickly finished cleaning the stable and rushed into the huge mansion. The kitchen was bigger than their house and was filled with all expensive things. Jack and his mother lived alone in a small hut. His mother never went to school and was also cleaning and working here and there. She finally got a job that pays well with the richest family in the village, the Jordan's. She took along her only son to help her and unfortunately Jack fell in love with the master's daughter Bella. He won't dare say a word about his love because he didn't want his mother to lose her job. Everyday he spied on her every movement. He knows her likes and dislikes. He never utter a word to her not even "HI" because he was very shy. But he promised himself that she will be his "Cowgirl Bride". 
   Years gone, times changed, Jack was now in his twenties. He was now educated and had his own business. He was now rich also. His mother had died and her master has took good care of him. He had fell more deeply in love with Bella, day by day. One warm evening, as Bella was in the stable with her horse, Jack built up some courage and went to her and said,"You are as beautiful as the roses in the garden in the spring season. I have loved you all my childhood years and my loved has increased beyond the sky. I wish to make you my Cowgirl Bride." Tears wet her dreamy blue eyes and she replied,"I thought you would never ask." She got up and jumped in his arms and said,"Yes, I will be your Cowgirl Bride."

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