Sunday 4 January 2015

Short Story- My Last Day

   I looked at my hands; old and wrinkled; I felt my face, it felt just like my hands.
"All because of old age" I told myself. I looked down at my ragged clothes, full with mud stains and dirt. "Well at least it covers my body." The place felt cold, not only in temperature but the surrounding also. I was in the middle of war.
  "Will I survive?" I asked myself. I continued to look around thanking God my one and only son is alive and safe."If only someway I can get in contact with my Dev, to tell him that 'I am proud of you dear and I love you very much, I love you child' if only someway I talked to myself, barely hearing my voice compared to the chaos around me. I walked around seeing people fighting and hitting each other with glass bottles, hard-wood, metals and guns. Just the sight of a gun terrified me. I saw a man shouting and passing orders around to other people. I went up to him and said "Excuse me sir, how can I get to inform my dear son that I love him. He is in the other big city studying to become a doctor. I just want to tell him "I love him. I don't know if I will survive to see tomorrow, Please help me". I felt a tear rolling down my cheek. I folded my hands and pleaded. "Do you have a contact number for you son?" asked the serious man with what appeared to be a smile. I pulled out a small paper with what seemed like numbers on it and I handed it to the man. He took out his phone and dialed the number and handed it to me. It rang three times then I heard my son's voice. "Hello", he said. His voice bold and strong. "My son, I love you. I am your mother. I love you dear". I told him in a weak but clear voice. "Ma, I love you too but what happened? Are you okay ma?" he asked. " Ha......." I tried to say but I felt my heart paining. I fell to the ground with blood streaming out of my body. I had been shot. This is my last day. At least I told him, I love him. My vision went blurred and that was my end.

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