Tuesday 31 March 2015

Short Story- The Wait...

   There I was, in a huge room containing over two hundred students or more. Most of them were either smarter or more intelligent than me; but nevertheless the time was here, ready to defeat me. I stared at the paper in front of me, at first glance it looked blurred but after I rubbed my eyes and I could see all the writing; words and numbers written on the paper. 
"Start now!" said the instructor. My body went numb but my right hand begun to write.

'What am I doing? These students are better than me. Will I succeed in passing this exam? Will I make my parents, teachers and family members proud? Or will I disappoint them? What will happen?' all such thoughts came to my heart and mind. "Wrong timing thoughts" I whispered to myself. 

I looked around the huge room and saw every students busy thinking and writing. 'How can they be so calm?' I thought. 
I watched at the clock that looked like it was mocking me. "Time is going dear, it's going..." I recalled my mother voice which echoed in my head. I continued to read carefully and answered question by question, one at a time. Time went by and my hand hurt with pain from writing, or maybe cause of lack of blood flow due to my nervousness.

"Five minutes more" called the tired instructor. With two more questions to answer, I hurried. 'I will finish, I will finish...' was the thought in my head now. 

"Time's up! Pens down." called the instructor finally.
I nervously handed over my paper to the instructor with a forced half smile. "Hope for the best my child" she said and collected the paper with a bright smile. 
Walking out of the room, I felt a warm breeze on my cheeks. "Well... That was it" I told myself, "All I have to do now... is wait."

To Be Continued...

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