Sunday 8 February 2015

Short Story- Tragic Ending

Once a upon a time, long ,long ago, there lived a girl named Mary. Mary lived with her drunkard father and a sickly mother, along with two older siblings, a brother and a sister. Her house was always filled with argument and Mary was always confused and sad. Mary attended school and even there she was not happy.
 School for Mary was terrible. Students dislike her because she was too smart and brilliant. Even the teachers didn't like her, they would always shout harshly at her and sometimes even degraded her marks. Never-the-less, Mary was confident and believed in herself.
Mary had no friends, she was always by herself. The girls in the school was jealous of Mary because she was beautiful.
Mary's face was soft and round, she was fair in complexion. Her voice sometimes sounds magical. But because Mary is always depressed her beauty is sometimes covered.
The national examination was coming up, Mary was nervous but confident. Being confident is an ability or quality that Mary had developed within the years. That night before the examination Mary studied really hard. She kept thinking that if she passed her exam her parents and teachers would be proud of her for once. So Mary studied very hard.
 The next morning Mary was anxious and nervous. She quickly ran to school and prepared herself. It was time for the exam, Mary looked at the paper and smiled. Minutes passed and Mary continued to write. "Time's up" called the teacher. Mary walked out of the examination room smiling. She thanked God and went home.
When she arrived at home, of course there was an argument.
"Mary come here you blas* girl" shouted her drunk father. Mary went to her father, confused somewhat.
"Yes, father" she replied politely.
"You have been attending night clubs, parting with friends? Have you?" shouted Mary's father angrily and sternly.
"Wha.....What....?" Mary stumbled with words. "NO!NO! she shouted aloud.
"Really..." said Mary's mother coming down the stairs "then how come I found these in your room?" she continued; and there Mary saw her mother holding a rum bottle and a pack of cigarette in her hand.
"No! That's not mine!" Mary said with tears in her eyes. She stood there listening to all the accusations being made about her.
Then after a few minutes her brother and sister came walking into the house and saw what was going on. Immediately her brother and sister started to quarrel on her.
"How could you Mary?" they questioned. Then they smiled.
Right then Mary saw an exact pack of cigarette in her brother's bag, she then knew it was her own brother and sister did that.
Mary ran out of the house crying. She ran and then fell to the ground. There she saw one of her teachers who is in charge of marking the examination paper. The teacher started to laugh and with that she tore Mary's examination paper into pieces and threw it in her face. "Think you can ever be successful? Never! I would never allow that you witched girl."

Mary had enough, she couldn't endure it anymore. Mary went to the tallest mountain in her village and there she cried and cried. Reflecting on her life, questioning herself on why everyone disliked her so much. "I am tired...I...give up." With that, she closed her eyes and jumped.

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