Sunday 22 February 2015

Reading is a waste of time

Agree? Disagree?

"The best policy to end poverty is a world class education" quoted United States President Barack Obama -2010
    I believe the key to this world is knowledge, and for humans to seek knowledge or obtained a 'world class education' we must read. The statement above 'Reading is a waste of time' is a very untrue statement and I disagree with it.

   Most great legends of the past world, most great scholars of the present generation is where they are today all because they find time to seek knowledge through reading. Reading gives every human a style, a unique character which helps us every step in life. 
  "Reading is not a stumbling block in the path of knowledge; it is the guiding light." an intelligent teacher of mine once quote.
   If it wasn't for reading do you think this world would be so beautiful and modernise with all the technology and gadgets? If wasn't for reading, do you  think scientists would have be able to invent all those machinery that help us to make our lives easy? All these things links back to reading. Reading links to knowledge and knowledge links to achievement. I believe knowledge is the greatest power that any human can achieve.

   A lot of children and students think 'reading is a waste of time'. I don't blame them to think so, because they themselves don't know the importance of reading. Most parents and adults look for the easy way in life but they forgot that that life isn't easy. So they as the adult don't know the importance of reading. The Human generation needs someone to tell them, to encourage them, to read and read more . Both children and parents should read, they should love reading and learning something new everyday. Reading is an important aspect in humans' life and I think the message should reach all mankind.

   I believe the beacon of knowledge is in reading, all of  mankind won't agree with me but I hold firm in what I say (or type in this case). Humans need to read, it's not a waste of time, it's an important aspect in our daily life. For success in this world we must have knowledge and for us to achieve knowledge we must 'Read'. ~Learn to Read and Read to Learn~

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  1. interesting post.. a facebook page promoting reading would be great