Sunday 22 February 2015

Short Story- An incident that I had witnessed

   "Monday morning again....", I groaned to myself while pulling my blanket over my head. "Wake up child. Time to get ready for school." I heard my mother shouted. Her voice echoed through the house but all I heard was 'SCHOOL', I lazily, but hurriedly got out of bed, went to brush my teeth then take a shower and got ready for  school. Minutes after I had finished my breakfast, I heard the sound of the bus horn. "Bye, Love you mom!", I shouted as I ran out the house while also trying to set my backpack right. "Love you too. Stay safe and Enjoy your day.", replied my mother. The bus driver finally made a turn and our location was the seawall public road.
   While in the bus, on the journey to school; my friends and I usually play 'counting cars'. To pass the time we would count the amount of vehicles driving on the road and then group them into colours. The morning traffic was always hectic and noisy but suddenly we heard a loud roar approaching.
"Mazda RX8!", shouted one of the boys. Everyone turned around to look for the car. It was coming with full speed and passed us within seconds. Then suddenly we heard a loud crash. And then there were people screaming. By then, the bus had reached the stoplight, where the image of the incident still haunts me. The now halted Mazda RX8 was all smashed up into one of the concrete barriers that lined the road. There was this motorcycle that had also crashed into the side of the Mazda RX8. In the nearside corner drain, there was a mini-bus in the drain that now had people trying to come out. Everyone in the school bus was eager to see what had happened. "Look it got somebody across there.", said a girl pointing a few feet away from the crashed motorcycle. A man dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, now covered in blood laid faced down on the road. He had on the helmet so I assumed that he was the rider on the motorcycle. There was chaos and people were running to see what had happened. Our driver took out his cellphone and called the ambulance and then the police. After which he told us,"Let's get you kids to school." He cut through one of the streets and we arrived safely at school. The day was spent talking about what we had saw. All sort of odd stories were now rumouring.
   When I got home, I told my mother everything, on what I saw with my own eyes and what had happened. My mom told me not to study that. Stuffs like that happens but what we need to do, is to obey the road safety rules. Later that night, I saw the news. The Mazda RX8 was said to be driving over a speed limit and the now dead driver was drinking when he tried to 'jump' the stoplight and then he hit the driving bus and it swayed and hit the also dead motorcyclist, who was on the right lane. The okay news was that no one got any serious injuries on the minibus which got a slight hit from the car that tried to avoid it, but ended up killing the motorcyclist. The news said that the police are still investigating the matter. I went to bed thinking that night,"What if that drunk driver in his fast car had hit my school bus. What if?"

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