Friday 20 May 2016

My PTC Findings Pt.2

It's been three (3) months now since I post my first PTC reviews and also 3 months since I have been testing the two 'new' sites that I join for this year 2016.
[Read part. 1 of my PTC findings here: My PTC Findings]

 My findings and thoughts as listed:


  • When I first search the web for neobux I came across some bad reviews but it seem to be okay for now.
  • Few weeks ago I was able to make my first cash out ($2), via Payza since they said they don't send cash on Paypal to my country.
  • I have 7 Direct Referral but I am not even sure how much I am earning from them since I never seem to see my $$$ rising automatically
  • Neobux advertising rates seem reasonable (will try it out as soon as I reach $5)
  • Their "AdPrize" really sucks since I have clicked for more than 700+ times & never won anything!
  • Earn about $0.021 per day by clicking about 21 given ads per day.
  • They have this coins and points payment which I am still clueless about. Have to wait for 3 months till I get my 'pending' coins
Sign up here: Neobux


  • Hopeless in earning (by the means of just clicking ads)
  • Ads takes forever to load.
  • Time is precious but too much will be spend on buxvertise waiting for the pages always refreshing.
  • Their Wheel of Bux is ... I mean all I ever won are points & deposit percentage.
  • Seem like it shall take all year for me to get 2000 points to convert to $1
  • Alot seem to be going on and can be done on the site (example: BuxGrid, Offer Walls, SuperRewards, etc) so I guess I need to learn and try better than just clicking on ads but then again I give up on Buxvertise about a month ago because they don't seem to represent what a PTC site is suppose to be.
Sign up here: Buxvertise

I am actually thinking of starting my own advertising PTC site. But then, I'm a good little earthling; wouldn't want anyone to go through all this frustration I am going through :-|
Currently I am only working on 2 PTC sites- Neobux & Clixsense.
Reason- So when I earn enough $ (according to their advertising rate) I can either cash out or advertise my websites for more traffic.

Please leave a comment below on your experiences with the above PTC sites :)
Thank you for reading!

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