Tuesday 8 March 2016

Atticus Quotes

We are all a little lonely these days aren't we?

Poetry is what happens,
when your mind stops working,
and for a moment,
  all you do is feel.

"that was her magic,
she could still see the sunset,
even on those darkest days."

"If I had all the treasure in the world,
I would follow my dream, spend time with my children 
and love my wife."

"No," said the old man.
"If you follow your dream, spend time with your children and 
   love your wife,
you will have all the treasure in the world."

Don't ask her to be a rock for you to lean upon
Instead, build her wings,
and point her to the sky,
and she will teach you both how to fly.

We were a strange love,
her and I.
Too wild to last,
to rare to break.

"he was the thing that healed her
that made her scars fel beautiful"

She consumed in me a heroic madness.
I wanted to save her from everything
but in the end, she saved me.

"There's too much risk in loving."
 The young boy said.
   "No," Said the old man.
"There's too much risk in not."

I told her I was lost in this world,
and she smiled,
because she was too,
we were all lost somehow,
but we didn't care,
we had in the chaos,
found each other.

We humans are so tortured 
by not properly guessing 
what will make us happy.

So I let her go,
for it was unfair of me to keep her.
It was the hardest thing I'd ever done
but I knew it was right.
She was a bird I had caged
that had forgotten how to fly
but dreamed of clodds
when she closed her eyes.

She was just another broken doll,
dreaming of a boy with glue.

I worry there is something broken in our generation;
there are so many sad eyes on happy faces.

Forgive me,
if I stumble and fall,
for I know not how
to love too well.
I am clumsy, and my words
do not form as I wish.
So let me kiss you instead,
and let my lips.
paint for you,
all the pictures
that my clumsy heart 

Somedays I grow tired of life
and long for the next great

"Put your head on your heart," 
the old man said. 
"Inside you, there is a power, 
there are ideas, 
thoughts that no one has ever thought of, 
there is the strength to love, 
purely and intensely, 
and to have someone love you back--
there is the power to make people happy, 
and to make people laugh--
it's full compliments, 
and the power to change lives and futures. 
Don't forget that power, 
and don't ever give up on it." 

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