Monday 10 August 2015


Ages ago, as the population of mankind developed, 'pollution' had started. Pollution as the word suggests, is any unwanted or harmful stuff that can contaminate the environment. Pollution comes in many forms and types. These are land, air, water, noise, etcetera.

There are many causes of pollution. Emissions from motor vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution. It can also be caused by smoke from factories and chimneys. Dumping of garbage in your environment leads to land pollution. It may also be caused by volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. Another type of pollution is water. This can be caused by the discharge of garbage and toxic pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals in the water. Loud music and noise from factories leads to noise pollution. This may also be caused by noise from machines and human beings.

There are different effects of pollution. Some of them are bad while others are good. A good effect of pollution is when the biodegradable materials decompose, they provide nutrients for the soil. Air pollution can result to asthma, headaches, and the irritation of eyes, nose, etc. The emission of carbon dioxide can lead to global warming. Water pollution can result to waterborne diseases e.g typhoid. Contaminated water affects fish life in lakes and streams. Noise pollution causes hearing loss, stress, etc. Plants may not be able to grow properly because of pollution. 

As you can see, pollution is very dangerous to your health, the environment and plants. There are different causes and side-effects of pollution. This is why, we must try to prevent it, or atleast try to improve it.

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