Friday 14 August 2015

Milk Part 1

What is milk?
Milk can be defined as a white, creamy liquid that is produced by all female mammals for feeding their young. Milk is often spoken of as "Nature's" most perfect food. While not a complete food for human beings, it is the one food for which there seems yo be no adequate substitute. Milk is regarded as the main food for the young. It is consumed mostly by humans since it contains many valuable nutrients.  

The Food Value of Milk
Milk contains a lot of valuable nutrients. They are supplied in small amounts:

Proteins: 3.4%
Fat: 3.9%
Carbohydrates: 4.8%
Minerals: 0.8%
Water: 87.5%

Milk also contains both fat soluble vitamin A and D, and water soluble thiamine, riboflavin. Vitamin B2 is found in a greater quantity. Milk contains NO vitamin C. 

Types of Milk
There are five types of milk. These are:
  •  Fresh or untreated milk
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Powdered or dried milk
  • Full cream milk
  • Skimmed milk

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