Monday 18 May 2015


What is unemployment?
The amount of people in the labour force who are capable and willing to work but there is no job for them.

Unemployment is one of the biggest social issues in our Caribbean countries. Some of the factors that contributes to unemployment are being under the age of sixteen (16), persons being over the age of sixty (60) and sixty-five (65) who are retired and persons who don't want to work. Persons who are studying or taking a full-time education, persons who are serving a sentence in prison, persons who are suffering from a sickness or a disease and incapable to work, are all factors that contribute to unemployment.
These factors leads to unemployment and them afterward comes the effects; which include persons might want to commit offenses (e.g. robbery)- If a person is unemployed then he/she will have little capital and will want more so he might want to commit theft to get what they want. The country economy might fall. This is because there is little physical resources and the labour force is large. There will be a low standard of living amomg families. If both a father and mother is unemployed how will they manage their children expenses and household? There will be little capital in the house and the standard of living will be small and low.
These effects will need solutions and some one solution that I think can solve unemployment is: the government should create more industries for the labour force to work. The agriculture sector has a lot of potential. The local material that we exported raw can be process into different products.

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