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Buccaneering or privateering is to the 17th century which the captains engage in the same sort of activity (robbing and fighting) but with a commission from the government and they attacked only Spanish ships.

Sir Francis drake is probably the most famous privateer and one of the most notable sailors and the naval commander of the seventeen century. An Englishman who played an important role in creating a model pirate in the new world. Sir Francis Drake was Elizabethan privateer with pirate manners, always hungry for more treasure. Countless victories against the Spanish fleets brought him fame. This England's hero was born in Tavistock, Devonshire around 1540. He was a son of Mary Mylwaye and Edmund Drake, protestant farmers. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Kent, where he fell in love with the sea and naval life. Drake, as many legendary sailors spent their entire youth at the sea. When he was 13 years old, he decided to follow his dreams and started naval career. In a short time period; he achieved rank of captain of a small ship. It was easy to see how good commander he was and how high his goals were. In 1565, Drake sailed to the Caribbean and commanded a ship under Sir John Hawkins.


Woodes Rogers was certainly one of the most notable persons that ever lived in the Caribbean. This Englishman had two big obligations in his life. At first, he was a privateer and later became the first the first governor of Bahamas. In both his duties, his main targets were pirates. Woodes Rogers took a great part in suppressing pirates in most of the Caribbean Sea. Woodes Rogers was born in Bristol, England around 1679. In the beginning of his career, Rogers was just an ordinary seaman and merchant. During the period between 1708 and 1711 he was assigned to lead a privateering expedition with two ships, the “Duke” and the “Duchess”. Authorized by a group of Bristol merchants, Woodes’ crew were supposed to harass the Spanish colonies throughout the coasts of pacific.


William Dampier (September 1651- 1715) was the first Englishman to explore parts of what is today Australia and the first person to circumnavigate the world 3 times. He has also been described as Australia’s first natural historian, as well as the most important British explorers of the period between Sir Walter Raleigh and James cook.

William Dampier

Henry Morgan despite some of his actions were brutal and illegitimate, Henry Morgan was not a pirate. The Welshman was a magnificent buccaneer, certainly the most famous one. Described as a remarkable leader and a fearsome conqueror, he had a couple of legendary battles and unique tactics which brought him fame and wealth. Because of all his deeds, Morgan was a true hero of the Caribbean and the English nation.

Henry Morgan

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