Wednesday 1 April 2015

Guyanese Folklore

What is the ole higue?
A ole higue is always a female. She is also known as a “fire rass” or as a “old Hag”.       
In Guyana the ole higue is equivalent to a vampire. She sucks the blood of unsuspecting victims as they sleep while her favourite victims are young children or new born babies.
The Ole-Higue's distinguishing feature is the fact that during the day she lives among other Guyanese as a quiet and harmless old lady. She possibly lives at the end of a village. While at night this harmless old lady removes her skin and places it in a calabash. After which she travels across the sky in the form of a ball of a fire heading to the home of her victim. To Enter the home she shrinks herself and passes through the keyhole. 

Guyanese believe that there are 3 ways to catch an Ole-Higue: 

*To turn the key while she is trying to get through the key hole.   
*To find the skin of the Ole-Higue in the Calabash and put hot Peppers in the skin. 
*The easiest way to catch her is to spill rice grains on the floor, in front of your front door. As she enters your home she will be compelled to count each grain.
The ole higue in the form of
    a ball of fire. 

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