Thursday 14 July 2016

Spanish class 101

Day 1: Lesson 1

1. Learning Greetings
2. Ask someone his/her name and say my name
3. Ask someone how he/she is and how you are
4. Say Goodbye

Hola - Hello
Buenos Dias - Good Morning
Buenas Tardes - Good Afternoon
Buenas Noches - Good Night/Evening

Hola is an informal way of greeting someone.

Como estas - How are you? (Informal)
Que Tal? - What's up or how are you? (Informal)
Como estas VD. / usted - How are you? (Formal- when addressing someone elderly)

Como te llamas or Cual es tu nombre - What is your name? (pronunciation ll-[y] )
Me llamo ... or Mi nombre es... - My name is
Y tu? - And you?

mucho gusto/ encantado/a - pleased to meet you

bien - well or good
muy bien - very well
bastante bien - quite well
no muy bien- not very well

gracias - thank you
adios - goodbye
hasta pronto - see you soon
hasta luego/ hasta la vista - see you later
hasta manana - see you tomorrow
el amigo/ la amiga - friend

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