Tuesday 6 October 2015

Quotidian Scrutinization

Confusion... Hopeless... Why?
Why is the world is, the way the world is?

What? Why? Why are there so much going on?
Some are happy. Some seem lucky. Some seem settled. Some are sick. Some are suffering. Some are sad. Some seem lost. Some seem too caught up with their own lives. Why all the confusing within me? Must it bother me?

They say I cannot look at those who 'have it good' or in high position; but I must look at those who are in need, those 'below me'. But... must I not find a balance? Since I seem to  be the pivot. I already seem to have my own 'problems' then why does it hurt or bother me when I hear or read about some? Why does the world seem so lost to me? So much confusion around me!
She is sick. She have to to take care of herself and her little one. She lost her little one. She migrate and shall be living her dreams and got her fairy-tale wedding. She is rich and just enjoying life with her friends and family. She is going to get marry soon, so happy she is even after she snatch someone else Rights from them. She is just following the rules and attend to her duty without questioning. She is doing the same, except complains at times. She is too busy trying to 'set her life' to do something she always want. Everyone is busy with something or the other. Am I the only one who is just here and writing thoughts about the world? Does this means I don't have my worldly purpose? Then there are another set of 'She' and 'Some'...located half way around this globe. Who maybe had all the above and now.......... its all gone. Where is the balance? It's a sign, yes. But I am... I mean... What can I do? My purpose? To help? How? Writing this letter maybe? Does it matter?

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