Tuesday 1 September 2015

Egyptian History Part 12


  • A shabti- Shabti figures were statuettes, usually in the form of a mummy. The Egyptians believed that these would magically carry out any work they had to do in the 'afterlife' (when they had died).

  • An Amulet- the eye of horus- An amulet could also be called a lucky charm. They were often made to represent one of the many different gods that the Egyptians believed in. This amulet represents 'Horus' who was one of the most powerful gods. He had a man's body and a hawk's head.
    A lot of amulets have been found in Egyptian tombs as they were wrapped up with body in order to protect it from evil.

  • A Headrest -This wooden object was used as a type of Egyptian pillow. It doesn't look very comfortable because the padding is missing from the part that touches your head. Some were plain and some were beautifully carved. Headrests were also used to support the heads of the dead to keep evil spirits from entering from the ground, into the body.

  • An Ancient mirror- The mirror is made out of a metal called bronze which is a mixture of copper and tin. The scientific name for a mixture of metals is 'alloy'. The mirror was made by beating a lump of bronze until it was as thin as a sheet of cardboard. Then it was polished to make it shiny enough to reflect the light back from your face. Sometimes these mirrors had handles made out of bone or ivory.

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