Wednesday 15 July 2015

Information Technology

What is Information Technology?
Information technology is the study of the application of computers to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data.

What is Information?
Information can be described as data that has been processed.

What is Data?
Data are raw facts and figures, signs and symbols that are meaningless until they are processed. Data has no meaning.


Abbreviations used in Information Technology

1.  CPU- Central Processing Unit

2.  OMR- Optical Mark Recognition

3.  OCR- Optical Character Recognition

4.  MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

5.  CADD- Computer Assisted Design & Drafting

6.  CAE- Computer Assisted Engineering

7.  CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing

8.  DVD- Digital Versatile Disk

9.  CD- Compact Disk

10.  CD-R- Compact Disk Recordable

11.  CDRW- Compact Disk Rewritable

12.  IRC- Internet Relay Chat

13.  ISP- Internet Service Provider

14.  www- World Wide Web

15.  RAM- Random Access Memory

16.  DRAM- Dynamic Random Access Memory

17.  SRAM- Static Random Access Memory

18.  MRAM- Magnetic Random Access Memory

19.  ROM- Read Only Memory

20.  PROM- Programmable Read Only Memory

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