Thursday 30 July 2015

Egyptian History Part 10

Deep in the limestone hills to the north-west of Deir el Bahri (opposite the city of Luxor, Egypt) is a remote valley. Here the pharaohs of the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties chose their eternal resting place. Thutmose I was the first pharaoh to excavate a tomb in the barren valley.

Egyptian Valley of the Kings


Over 5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians wrote things down using a picture writing called hieroglyphics. The people who did the actual writing were called scribes. Hieroglyphics were used mostly in craving inscriptions on the walls of tombs and temples. The term “Hieroglyphics” means a “scared craving”.

Examples of Egyptians hieroglyphic

Hieroglyphics engraved on a tomb

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