Tuesday 2 June 2015

The Feeling of being Defeated

I don't think any human being wants to experience hardship, in this life nor in the life after death. Certain feeling hurts so bad that it leads to death. Being defeated is one of those feelings. 
In my perspective it doesn't lead to death; but it hurts so bad, it makes you feel like you don't want to exist in this cruel world anymore. The feeling is so intense you feel to cry and cry and cry till you have no more tears to flow. Being defeated makes you feel to shut yourself out of this world forever. You feel like you've lost and that you can never win again, never again in your life. 

You look all around you, seeing everyone joyful and happy; wish that you were the one who was happy but the feeling just too painful it makes you just want to run and to run till you're all alone. 
Imagine you are in a dark room, so dark you can't even see what's in front of you; the room or your body feel cold, freezing cold that your teeth are clanging together. You are all alone, no one there to talk to you, to make you feel warm; just you and yourself.
"Life sucks and then you die." Always disagree with that statement, but today I wish I could leave all behind...

"If you leave opportunity on the shelf gathering cobweb and dust, you'll make yourself just what you are ...scrap iron coated with rust."

"Take failure as a stepping stone to success."

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