Saturday 28 November 2015


What is population?
Population refers to the total number of persons living in a specific region or country. The composition of a population gives an indication of how the population is made up. It includes size, age, gender, and education level of the population. 

Terms relating to population
  • Crude Birth Rate- The number of live birth per 1000 persons in a population within a given period of time, usually one year.
  • Crude Death Rate- The number of death per 1000 persons occurring within a period of a year in a particular population. 
  •  Natural Increase- The increase in population brought about when birth rate exceeds the death rate. 
  • Infant Mortality Rate- The annual number of deaths per 1000 infants (under the age of one) in the population.
  • Life Expectancy- The average number of years that persons in a given population are expected to live.

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